E-Sports at MSOE

Thank you for your interest in MSOE's growing e-sports program! Our competitive e-sports club features teams in many major titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros and more! We have a dedicated space for gaming and practicing with your team on provided gaming setups. We will scrim and compete against other colleges nationwide in sanctioned tournaments. You can watch our streamed practices at www.twitch.tv/msoeesports!


Check Out Our Stream!

Watch live video from MSOEESPORTS on www.twitch.tv


Be sure to check us out during MSOE's Open Houses, Senior Visit Days, Accepted Student Days, and Freshmen Welcome Week! For more information please contact Michael Hinder at hinder@msoe.edu or Erick Johnson at johnsoneb@msoe.edu. We look forward to gaming with you!