2018 Women's Track & Field Roster

Name Year Height Event(s) Hometown/High School Major
Katie Allen full bio Katie Allen Jr. 5-6 Throws West Bend, Wis. / East ME
Caley Anders full bio Caley Anders Fr. 5-5 Pole Vault Cary, Ill. / Cary-Grove BIOE
Morgan Balog full bio Morgan Balog So. 5-5 Distance Palatine, Ill. / Palatine BE
Michaela Baraglia full bio Michaela Baraglia Fr. 5-4 Sprints Algonquin, Ill. / Jacobs NU
Jessica Bilskie full bio Jessica Bilskie Sr. 5-4 Hurdles/Sprints/Pole Vault Evansville, Ind. / Reitz EE
Patty Bray full bio Patty Bray Jr. 5-8 Distance Monticello, Minn. / Monticello BE
Samantha Brooker full bio Samantha Brooker Jr. 5-10 Middle Distance Chicago, Ill. / Lane Tech College Prep IE
Lea Buchholz full bio Lea Buchholz Sr. 5-9 Multi-Events Hanover, Germany / Immanuel Kant Gymnasium BA
Holly Denfeld full bio Holly Denfeld Sr. 6-0 Jumps, Hurdles Edgar, Wis. / Edgar AE/CM
Desy Echevarria full bio Desy Echevarria Sr. 5-3 Distance Melrose, Ill. / Proviso Math & Science Academy ME
Hallie Flanders full bio Hallie Flanders Sr. 5-2 Throws Red Wing, Minn. / Red Wing BA
Brianne Harris full bio Brianne Harris Jr. 5-7 Throws Hartland, Wis. / Arrowhead AE
Maia Heineck full bio Maia Heineck Jr. 5-5 Sprints/Throws Holmen, Wis. / Holmen ME
Jerica Kotarak full bio Jerica Kotarak Jr. 5-5 Sprints/Jumps Wind Lake, Wis. / Muskego BE
Gresa Krasniqi full bio Gresa Krasniqi Sr. 5-6 Throws Luebeck, Germany / RBZ Wirtschaft Kiel BA
Amanda Ksioszk full bio Amanda Ksioszk Jr. 5-7 Throws Jackson, Wis. / West Bend West BE
Rachael Kundrot full bio Rachael Kundrot So. 5-6 Throws Fox River Grove, Ill. / Cary-Grove EE
Nancy Leon full bio Nancy Leon So. 5-3 Distance Bronx, N.Y. / Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics BE
Jenny Leonard full bio Jenny Leonard Fr. 5-6 Middle Distance Baileys Harbor, Wis. / Gibralter Area BE
Rachel Lynde full bio Rachel Lynde Sr. 5-10 High Jump Colorado Springs, Co. / Rampart AE
Kim Mai full bio Kim Mai Fr. 5-3 Pole Vault Milwaukee Wis. / Wauwatosa West BE
Lexi Maruga full bio Lexi Maruga Fr. 5-11 Distance Anamosa, Iowa / Anamosa BE
Kyra Olberholtzer full bio Kyra Olberholtzer So. 5-6 Throws Menomonee Falls, Wis. / Menomonee Falls SE
Rachel Ruona full bio Rachel Ruona Jr. 5-7 Middle Distance Grafton, Wis. / Grafton BE
Kayla Thilges full bio Kayla Thilges Jr. 5-8 Middle Distance La Crosse, Wis. / Central ME
Bianca Trombley full bio Bianca Trombley Jr. 5-10 Jumps Elkhorn, Wis. / Elkhorn Area BE
Nikky Weise full bio Nikky Weise So. 5-8 Triple Jump Waupaca, Wis. / Waupaca ME