2016 Cross Country Roster

Name Year Height Hometown/High School Major
Morgan Balog full bio Morgan Balog Fr. 5-5 Palatine, Ill. / Palatine BE
Patty Bray full bio Patty Bray So. 5-8 Monticello, Minn. / Monticello BE
Samantha Brooker full bio Samantha Brooker So. 5-10 Chicago, Ill. / Lane Tech College Prep IE
Desy Echevarria full bio Desy Echevarria Jr. 5-3 Melrose, Ill. / Proviso Math & Science Academy ME
Caroline Groth full bio Caroline Groth So. 5-9 Oconomowoc, Wis. / Oconomowoc BE
Emorie Harty full bio Emorie Harty Jr. 5-1 Middleton, Wis. / Middleton NU
Grace Kusik full bio Grace Kusik So. 5-7 West Allis, Wis. / Nathan Hale BE
Nancy Leon full bio Nancy Leon Fr. 5-3 Bronx, N.Y. / Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics BE
Alex Muench full bio Alex Muench Jr. 5-6 Franklin, Wis. / Franklin SE
Jordan Sanders full bio Jordan Sanders Fr. 5-7 Lowell, Ind. / Lowell BE
Becky Sondelski full bio Becky Sondelski Jr. 5-5 Mosinee, Wis. / Mosinee ME
Cass Wright full bio Cass Wright Sr. 5-2 Hoffman Estates, Ill. / Hoffman Estates ME